Our Appraisal Technology

We work hard to provide fast and efficient services for our clients, and as part of that commitment we’ve embraced the latest technology. By using mobile devices out in the field, we’ve eliminated the cumbersome paper and clipboard, meaning quicker and more accurate appraisals for you.

Traditional appraising involves going to the jobsite and gathering massive amounts of data including an accurate sketch using paper, pen, tape measure, and clipboard. From there, you still have to manually type that data into the computer at your office, which can lead to errors. Many appraisers still use this error-prone, time-consuming method today.

Being a mobile appraiser means we no longer have to worry about a clunky clipboard with tons of paper or a tape measure. With the use of an iPad and laser measuring device, the information is synced straight to the office without ever having to enter in that data again, meaning a quicker turnaround time for you. The laser measuring device also provides the most accurate measurement (accurate to the 1/16 of an inch from a distance of up to 650‘).

We then use the most recent valuation techniques and resources online to determine important value and inventory trends in your area. And because we are local, we are in these neighborhood analyzing these trends everyday.