How To Prepare For A Home Appraisal

This post was inspired by Cassie Vanoudenhove a realtor with Keller Williams.   In our last post she shared one thing she does in preparation for a home appraisal. I thought putting a post together from the perspective of a real estate appraiser would help you prepare for a home appraisal.

What to expect for a home appraisal:

The duration of the home appraisal is approximately 30-45 minutes depending on the size and complexity of your home. The home appraiser will take measurements, visually observe each room to include hallways, walk-up attics, basements and garages as well as take photos throughout, during the home appraisal.

What should I have ready when the real estate appraiser comes to my home?

The truth is no one knows your property as well as you do. Make a list of the improvements and the dates they were made as well as a list of special features. If for some reason you cannot make a list, tell the real estate appraiser about them. If available have a copy of the plat of survey

Let the real estate appraiser know if a nearby home was sold because sometimes sales do not show up on the local MLS.

Watch the 60 second video below for how to prepare for a home appraisal.

Look out for my next blog in which this Chicago appraiser will tell you how to prepare for a condo appraisal.

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6 Responses to How To Prepare For A Home Appraisal

  1. Great post John. The comment that, “no one knows your property as well as you do.” is very true. Tell the appraiser what you know, it could make a difference.

  2. Casey Lyon says:

    Great Post – I wish more owners knew the value of being involved in the appraisal process.

  3. Nice blog post there John! and I agree with Casey – homeowners should be aware and get more involved in the appraisal process. The more they know on the appraisal process and got everything ready – it will be easy for us and valuation will be more accurate.

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